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Zoot’s innovative loan origination solution, zOriginate streamlines the origination process and gives banks an extraordinary level of control over their automation rules.

How do they introduce themselves

Learn More Download the zOriginate® Loan Origination Solution Brochure Many financial institutions (FIs) need to streamline their loan origination processes because high origination costs are restricting product profitability. For some, the ability to implement new credit risk and revenue-generation business strategies is inhibited by outdated or siloed technology. For others, the limitation is inefficient transitions between manual and automated processes, which leads to more staff and more time being used. For everyone, the increasing amounts of data needed for effective credit decisioning is becoming price-prohibitive as well as cumbersome to integrate.

Collectively, these challenges are escalating the costs of acquiring new customers. Through Zoot’s zOriginate® loan origination software solution (LOS), revenue generation can be accelerated because more applications can be processed in the same (or shorter) amount of time, using less staff. zOriginate automates as much of the process as possible, yet seamlessly incorporates manual review where necessary. Business users have the control to effectively manage the solution through Zoot’s integrated tools and services.

Through an intuitive interface tool, business users can create and modify both application and web screens to ensure all relevant data and fields are on one screen, thereby reducing the time it takes to complete each application. Through a business rules developer tool, users can manage business rules, workflows, and multiple data and service vendors. zOriginate allows business users to complete the entire end-to-end origination process, from submitting the loan application to booking it to the appropriate system of record. The flexibility built into the design of Zoot’s LOS is based on industry best practices to meet a wide range of needs, from supporting virtually any credit product and line of business...

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