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ZippyMeetings is meeting software, meeting minutes software, to make meetings better: set the agenda, track actions and distribute meeting minutes - all from Microsoft Outlook.

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Reduce your meeting admin time and get better outcomes with an integrated agenda, meeting manager, 1-click meeting minutes and action tracking. ZippyMeetings is fully integrated into Outlook to help you run your recurring meetings and keep track of progress.  A short overview of the ZippyMeetings features and benefitsOn completion of your meeting, you can send out professional meeting minutes with just 1-click. With 4 different minutes styles, each featuring your company logo, you will make sure that your meeting outcomes and actions stay on everyone’s radar.

Read more…With ZippyMeetings you have the full history of action progress including all progress notes and changes to owner and due date, on one screen so you can achieve your meeting objectives. Actions are saved as Outlook Tasks for total visibility. More about actions…You already use Outlook to send email, schedule meetings, keep track of contacts and manage tasks.  ZippyMeetings builds on these features to help you run your meeting end-to-end, without the need to log-in to other applications or websites.

More info…Because ZippyMeetings is tightly integrated with Outlook, you don’t need to re-enter your meeting attendees, time or any other details into your minutes – it is all carried through from your meeting appointment through to your professional minutes. Read about roll call…Your minutes are automatically created and stored in your chosen location and you re-create the minutes at any time later by simply opening up the meeting in Outlook, so you never need to search for ‘that document’ again. More about meeting minutes…ZippyMeetings makes it easy to create an agenda that will help you achieve your meeting goals – simply identify your discussion topics, topic leaders and durations.  The hardest part of the meeting is suddenly so easy.

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