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Xtreme Locator

Dealer Locator Software, IVR phone locator, Zip code locator Software

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+1 (810) 433-9558Xtreme Locator allows you to publish your business locations to many mapping services, like Google Places, Navteq/Here. net (Nokia maps), TomTom. Xtreme Locator allows you to have different icons uploaded for display. You can also have different levels of dealers, like Gold and premium dealers, or service centers and sales centers.

Your customers can call a phone number and enter the Zip or postal code and get nearest location through our IVR phone system. Providing Zip Code dealer locator software, mapping and IVR since year 1999. Integrate a store or dealer locator within your website, Facebook, and major CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.   Xtreme Locator has the most outstanding support I’ve experienced.

They also have excellent instructions in the knowledge base to implement the locator yourself. It took me 15 minutes and I have no web experience at all. Saved me thousands $$$. Thanks! Stephen CEO Weehoo Inc.

 Stephen Rogers, Weehooinc very interesting software. I have been approached by a number of companies to see if i would like to resell similar solutions. This is feature packed and one of the best i have seen to date.  noel johnstone, Business Mobile Solution If I could say one word to describe my experience with Xtreme Locator, it would be IMPRESSED! Here I thought we were going to be a complicated client with our unique scenarios and territory handling, but they treated it like if it was every day business! They customized our locator system to be fully compatible with the export data of locations from our third party intranet system so I didn’t have to do any extra work.

Their support team had been great to work with. Within 24 hours I would have a response and a solution to every issue that arose. Thanks Xtreme Locator for your quality product and service! CJ Wood, decoratingden ....

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