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Online Visitor Management, Contractor Management and Staff Attendance Solutions with Evacuation Management using secure smart devices such as an iPad, iPhone or

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or Watch the video WhosOnLocation helps organizations manage people signing into and out of offices, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other workplaces and locations in a way that is simple, smart, and secure. If you need to know who is authorized to be on-site, who is due on-site, who is on-site now, and who was on-site, you need WhosOnLocation. WhosOnLocation works for any size and type of organization; Government, Corporate, Small Business, Education, Manufacturing, Construction, High-Security, Aged-Care.  Visitor ManagementEasily manage visitors to your sites, set visitor policies, issue passes, pre-register visitors, set-up reception kiosks, report on visitor presence, get and send email and sms notifications when your visitors sign-in.

Know moreEmployee AttendanceSee if employees are on-site or not in real-time. Employees can sign-in and sign-out from their own PC, MAC, laptop, or via their smartphone, staff card, or at reception. Know moreContractor ManagementManage your suppliers and contractors. Control who is authorized to be on-site.

Manage contractors and suppliers’ insurances, qualifications, and Inductions. Track who is on-site, where, and why, in real-time. Know moreEvacuation ManagementAccount for all of your people in the event of an emergency. Download reports showing exactly who is on-site when evacuating.

Do a roll-call from your iPad or smartphone, activate sms alerts to safety and incident teams. Know moreWhosOnLocation makes it easy for customers to get help when they need it. Users can quickly find what they need and view tutorials and training videos. Whosonlocation also makes it easy for users to get help when they are time-restrained.

Using our 'Submit a Request' ticket system, email, or chat tools; our support team is ready and waiting to help. Request a DemoRequest a Demo and have our team show you around...

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