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One of White Space's proudest achievements in over two decades is now available on Amazon. "Navigating Lung Cancer 360º of Hope" is the most comprehensive guidebook for surviving lung cancer—the most underfunded of all cancers. Inside each latest edition you will get the ultimate up-to-date navigation tools on the diagnosis process, lung cancer staging, treatment options, clinical trials, living with lung cancer, financing your care, hope for surviving lung cancer, and more. Designed by White Space and written by the patient services team at the Bonnie J.

Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the leading experts in lung cancer with one goal: to turn lung cancer into a manageable and survivable disease. Hope you like the design but more important, please pass it on to someone with lung cancer or someone who loves them. Just say the word and 10% of our profits from your project will go to this foundation. “Sheila Von Driska has been one of the most important people in our foundation from the day it began in 2006.

. . I am proud to say that she is not only a friend but a constant resource for all of the marketing and public awareness initiatives we do.  Sheila promised me on the day we began that she would be involved until we found a cure.

That has remained true and always will be. . . "BONNIE J.

ADDARIO, FOUNDER, SURVIVOR & CHAIRThe last two annual reports of philanthropy for the University of Berkeley showcase the brilliance of Berkeley and the many ways in which it serves as a shining beacon for all that public education can be. White Space was honored to design both reports and all the signage that blanketed the campus for their $3 billion campaign. At White Space, our philosophy is simple: set unreachable goals and then reach them. Dare us to dance with you!Just say the word and 10% of our profits from...

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