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We Counsel is your HIPAA Compliant video conference solution, providing turnkey client engagement with cutting edge technology. Start today!

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Accommodate busy schedules, mitigate other common barriers to treatmentMeet with clients across the state(s) in which you are licensedIncrease access to your services and see clients anytime, anywhereCombat stigma by using telehealth as an outreach toolMeet from the comfort of homeMaintain flexible office hours; Travel less and engage moreYour professional office, a click awayAllows clients to retain their privacy and anonymity more effectivelyMaintain a competitive advantage for your practice by offering online sessionsAdapt to the increasingly tech-saavy populations you serveRetain clients that move away or struggle to make it to the officeTelehealth statistically reduces no-shows and cancellationsOur dual video conference solution comprises two stand alone video interfacesOur technology adapts to the hardware/software you have to ensure the best experience possibleWe utilize a Web-RTC video solution; the most advanced video technology availableEverything on WeCounsel is cloud-based, so no expensive hardware is neededIf there is a problem we will solve it with our experienced, in-house development teamWeCounsel is ideal for dynamic client engagement onlineProviders can message, schedule, send/store documents and manage all their client accounts in their networkEach client logs into their own private portal which serves as a homebase for their treatment and interaction with their providerWeCounsel is accessible from any internet connected computer, tablet, or mobile devicePrivate label the software experience to maintain brand consistency with your clientsWeCounsel surpasses industry encryption standardsWe maintain SSL/HTTPS platform-wide encryptionEach year WeCounsel undergoes an annual 3rd Party HIPAA assessment to maintain compliancyWe employ security protocols like auto time-outs, password requirements, and redundancy measures for data backupOur company maintains comprehensive security policies and procedures that help keep your information secureBlog FAQs...

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