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Made with Unity Home. Welcome to Made With Unity (MWU), the premier site to discover fun, beautiful and innovative games made with the Unity development platform. MWU aims to highlight the best from the boundless creativity of the Unity community of game developers. Discover great games, and get inspired by the people and stories behind them.

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From Start To FinishThe power of the crowd – how community support drives TerraTech to successMoving in an unlimited sized virtual space, using entirely one to one movement in VRHow has our vision for truck design developed throughout prototyping Cone Wars? In this edition of the dev diary I’ll share our journey on how we designed the trucks to fit. . . Read MoreIf you missed the first part of the story of The Uncertain, all about the concept and origins, you can catch up by reading here.

At this point, we move on to 2015, where we ar. . . Read Morethe time felt right and I told him that I was leaving the studioHello dear developers and game fanatics! My name is Jelle Van den Audenaeren, creator of the game On A Roll and.

. . Read MoreCosmic TripOn a RollLegacy of the Elder StarSuper Block PartyA Place for the UnwillingZeboyd Games, the folks who redeemed one of the world’s greatest monsters in Cthulhu Saves The World and revived the Penny Arcade Adventures, have announced that their ne. .

. Read MoreFree racing game Kaasua adds a goofy little twist to your spins around the track, having the whole course undulate and move as you hurry to drive around it. Up to eight peop. .

. Read MoreWhen it initially launched in early 2015, Alto's Adventure [$3. 99] by proved to be the antithesis to the adrenaline-pumping auto runner games such as Canabalt [$2. 99] that.

. . Read MoreFrom its 2014 prototype, to its full release earlier this year, the ultra-cool time-manipulating FPS SUPERHOT [official site] has went from strength to strength. Justask Ad.

. . Read MoreMalice, mischief, money - that's what digital board game Gremlins, Inc. is all about.

It left early access a few months ago, but those crafty little gremlins and industrious. . . Read...

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