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Technology for Travel Driven Business (Strategic Partnerships Distribution Channels Customised Ancillary Services New Marketing ChannelslDigital Marketing Multiple Destinations Multiple Properties Multiple VendorsVComprehensive Itinerary Flight Details Accommodation Any Relevant InformationEInfluence Buying Behaviour Customer Experience Rich Communication User Experience Core Values & Beliefs"To provide a tool that enables the tour operator to define their own business needs that makes sense to them. "We believe that by sticking to our core values, it’s possible to build a successful business without selling out. The best business ideas often come from business start-ups and early stages without restrictive or delaying rules and processes as great ideas can be implemented faster. Large software developing companies often lose themselves in too many areas of knowledge resulting in less focus and thus resulting in lower quality of service.

Young companies radiate enthusiasm, energy and ambition. For many small firms, focus is the key differentiator as we concentrate on the client experience and turn trust into a key competitive advantage. Small is the new big. We also believe that it's time to give control back to "you" the travel operator and it's time that "you” have the tool to deliver the best possible customer experience for...

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