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Track Star AVLS (Automatic Vehicle Location System) is an innovative software solution for tracking all manner of vehicles and assets. Our AVLS product is an extremely cost effective software solution that provides users

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8801 J. M. Keynes Drive Suite 260 Charlotte, NC 28262Private, Affordable, Powerful & FlexibleThe Track Star AVLS software system is at work every day in a growing number of Law Enforcement agencies all over the country. Departments large and small depend upon the unequalled affordability, Save Money & Enhance SafetyWidely deployed in Utility fleets large and small, the Track Star AVLS software system provides a cost-effective tool that enhances worker safety, improves productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

The Track Star AVLS Electronic Dispatch w/ Real-Time TrackingMany forms of transportation fleets benefit every day from the capabilities of the Track Star AVLS software solution.   Among these are student transportation fleets, transit fleets, delivery fleets, service fleets and general EMS, Fire Fighters & RescueDepartments large and small depend upon the unequalled affordability, flexibility and capability of the Track Star AVLS software to enhance the safety of officers, improve incident response times, improve community / department Enhance SafetyOften deployed as a countywide system providing cost-effective GPS vehicle location capabilities to the full spectrum of municipal agencies, Track Star AVLS provides Public Works fleets with important information beyond location. For Plowed & Swept Road DisplaysThe Track Star AVLS system is often deployed as a component part of a Mobile Workforce system to give dispatch and supervisory personnel "at-a-glance" information about crew locations, availabilities and proximity to Municipal, Government & CommercialThe Track Star AVLS is a unique product among its competitors. Chief among the differentiating features is the fact that Track Star AVLS is significantly less expensive than its competitors in terms Valuable CargoTrack Star AVLS software has special features built-in that enhance the operation of all types of Public Works...

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