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Date calculator for managers, which has a due date and duration calculator. You can exclude days of week and holidays and use days, weeks, months or years for the calculation.

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advanced date calculations for managers and small business owners A powerful date calculator with built-in world clock and time zone converter. Timestimator helps you be on time - every time and everywhere. Timestimator offers great flexibility dealing with dates and time. 1.

55 MB, v1. 9 for Windows When it comes to time and dates in distant future, it’s kind of difficult to agree on a precise due date, especially if the parties are located in different world time zones. In our everyday activities, we can get away by using estimates and approximations. In business, loose estimates are unacceptable.

Due dates, appointments and deadlines are assigned precise date and time. This kind of precision is impossible without a special calculator. How many days before your birthday? How many week pays will you bring home before a given special date? In business, all types of delivery date estimates, deadlines, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, periodic analysis, rental costs and overruns, schedules, time management other activities require precise calculations of time. If any of this applies to you, you need a special calculator, which can do operations with dates.

Our duration calculator will help you calculate differences between dates, display current week number or day number in a given year, and calculate the number of days and weeks or hours and minutes in specific time intervals; all that and more calculated instantly and completely automatically. Timestimator is more than a simple date calculator. It is packed with features, including: Timestimator is there to give you a precise answer to date related question, from simple to very complex. What time is now in Jakarta? What day of week is the next New Year? How many weekly paychecks you receive...

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