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The Property Manager

The Property Manager can handle any and all of your real estate needs, no matter how large or small.

How do they introduce themselves

Keep up to date with the TPM Feed. A day in the life of “The Property Manager”. Armed with a smile on my face, cell phone, palm pilot, digital camera, laptop, make-up bag and my “to-do-list” flapping in the breeze, I'm heading for the office. Totally prioritized, I drive on, confident that I will be checking off my list, 1,2,3.

Upon arrival, I greet everyone with a cheery, “Good morning”. Lights are flipped on, the computer chimes in ready and the phones, they are a-ringing! Messages checked, voice mail listened to, and the “to-do-list”: is now a “to-do-later” list. Better late than never, right?The neighbor's dog is cute, but not in my yard, the stove worked fine until 2:30a. m.

, when you put in your brisket for the family reunion, and what's with this soggy carpet in the living room? And the best one yet, “My rent check is in the mail!“ Funny, you say? This stuff really happens. Every day. At “The Property Manager”, we strive to be the solution for your rental property problems. When the inevitable happens, we understand the importance of taking action, knowing who to call and how to resolve the issue.

Taking care of business, providing superior service and positive outcome is our aim in each situation we encounter. As a property owner, you have a plan for your real estate and it is our job to help you accomplish the mission. Planning long term for retirement income, short term, knowing you'll be coming home in a few years, or just testing out the landlord role, we will give you our knowledge of the industry and professional guidance. Clients of “The Property Manager” can rest easy knowing we take very seriously your important investment.

Thorough screening of applicants, an understanding of the law and a great sense of matching people with...

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