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The FTW Transcriber

How do they introduce themselves

The FTW Transcriber is transcription software that offers great time-saving features like automatic timestamps and superior sound quality, plus much more. Look at the list of features below, then try it FREE!NEW: Try the FTW Transcriber on your Android smartphone or tablet, and transcribe anywhere, not just at your desktop! For more information, click here . FTW Transcriber Video (3. 5 mins)Most Recent Updates April 6th 2016 3.

7 (no new version number) – compatibility with vPedal. March 8th 2016 3. 7 (no new version number) – various fixes. January 6th 2016 3.

7 (no new version number) – Hotkey fix. October 26th 2015 3. 7 – NEW bookmarks feature!  Plus various bug fixes. January 7th 2015 3.

6 – ability to access premium features even when offline; plays more file types; various bug fixes. November 24 2014 3. 4 – huge variety of timestamping options added; new “configuration” feature allows user to save different timestamp and hotkey settings for different clients, and even email them to other transcribers; Playlist feature allows multiple audio files to be open; pedal switch ff/rew added. October 13 2014 3.

1 – more timestamping options; RX button – when pressed, audio repeats last phrase; PX button – when pressed, audio plays a phrase then stops; Playpoint saves on powercut or if PC auto-powers off; more precision with automatic timestamping March 20 2014 2. 7 – newer versions of ds2 can now be played, FTWT opens in full even if you open it offline (provided you opened it online max 7 days ago), plus various other bug fixes Nov 6 2013 2. 6. 5 – hotkeys can be disabled, more timestamp options, various other fixes more Latest Release: 26th Oct 2015 (version 3.

7) April 6th 2016 3. 7 (no new version number) – compatibility with vPedal. March 8th 2016 3. 7 (no new...

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