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Swrve is an integrated marketing, A/B testing and optimization platform for mobile apps. Built as a scalable cloud service, Swrve snaps in alongside your existing workflow. It allows you to continuously target, test and tune your games giving incredible visibility and control over what makes your players tick.

How do they introduce themselves

At Swrve, we help brands connect. That means turning marketing into conversation, interest into interaction. Say hello to everything you need to succeed on mobile. “Swrve has been quick to implement and is already making a difference to our business.

"No matter the industry, brand or audience, Swrve is able to mold and shape to your personal interests. See how we can work for you—specifically. No matter the industry, brand or audience, Swrve is able to mold and shape to your personal interests. See how we can work for you—specifically.

Everything you need to drive mobile engagement and revenue in mobile games, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. Drive views, shares and paid subscriptions with smart, targeted mobile campaigns. Whether mobile commerce or in-store, Swrve delivers great mobile experience and revenues to match. Your customers are on mobile.

We help you build a relationship in the app. When mobile IS the business, Swrve give you everything you need to succeed. The best feeling in this business is seeing customers really driving the numbers that matter to their mobile business. So we were delighted to read about the success RTL - one of.

. .   Everybody is A/B testing these days. Or at least, it sometimes feels like that.

That’s certainly a positive in one sense - making decisions on the back of user data. . . The best feeling in this business is seeing your customers succeed with get 800 4.

5+ App Store ratings! avanderlee. com/buienradar/bui…....

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