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SmartGenies Interactive Content Creation software allows you to easily create Interactive Content and distribute that content via multiple channels.

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(Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Play)Turnaround time for creation of a SmartGenie for a business has averaged 3-4 weeksRecord the voices and we are done!We do a revision. Go back to step 3, till you are happyYou review and provide us feedback and commentsWe create a first SmartGenie draftGive us the information you'd like to integrate in your SmartGenie+1-800-285-4365info@smartgenies. comIn a SmartGenie application you engage in a conversation with a digital virtual persona. It works exactly like a real life conversation, but in this case the SmartGenie is virtual, not real.

We have many SmartGenie apps on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. We can deploy your SmartGenie app on these stores as well => great exposure for your business!We've created SmartGenies for a variety of vertical industries:Solar EnergyConsumer ProductsDirect MarketingLegal ServicesHR Services And More!We provide interactive content solutions for every department of your company:Marketing & SalesTrainingCustomer supportProductHRAnd more!Our Interactive Content can be deployed in several different ways:Embedded into websitesDistributed as standalone mobile applicationsUsed in email marketingRun as a standalone interactive landing pageShare on your social networksTriggered when a user enters a particular entry field or area within a software application or webpageEmbedded in a KioskVideo is a great tool and we use it as well. It is good for a short "commercial" about your company, 1-2 minutes, no more.  But what happens if the user has a question or they are very interested in what they see? This is where SmartGenies comes in!In this SmartGenie app, you will have a virtual conversation with Andrei Poludnewycz, the company’s CEO.

He will explain how SmartGenies applications can help your business....

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