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The ServiceFrame product enables companies globally to effectively evaluate, manage and govern their strategic outsourcing relationships using SaaS technology.

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Contact ServiceFrameServiceFrame provides the evidence and the insight to ensure excellence in service delivery. Sounds good! Let's see the key featuresUse ServiceFrame's customized Governance dashboards to monitor and measure Service Delivery. Showing real time data on Performance, Risks and other Issues, you have never been more in touch with what's going on, and never better placed to take action. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DASHBOARD DISPLAYReduce manual data collection to the absolute minimum with ServiceFrame.

You can ensure your people are focused on higher value activities because ServiceFrame can be integrated directly with your ERP systems. Reporting is highly automated, leaving your team concentrating on analysis and improvement. FIND OUT MOREFrom any workstation or device with a browser, you can access your data easily and update as appropriate. Up-to-date, accurate information on service provision is available from wherever you are.

ServiceFrame acts as your intelligence tool and allows you maintain a comprehensive overview on all service engagements. FIND OUT MOREUpload your SLA details in a matter of hours, not months like before, and with no hardware or software set up required you have the visibility on Performance, Risk and Issues, Costs and Value, in service delivery that you need. With objective evidence at your fingertips, service relationships are better than ever. FIND OUT MOREServiceFrame offers a compelling value proposition.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture means that there is no upfront capital expenditure in hardware, software or infrastructure needed, and there are no project costs involved in a ServiceFrame implementation. FIND OUT MORE Clicking moves Banner up Clicking moves Banner down May 13, 2016 Free 15 min. consultations on Governance tools & best practices during the SSOW 2016! Register here. ...

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