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RipplesIOT - Industrial IOT solutions to help manufacturing and services companies.  Smart fixed asset tracking, location. environment. usage, anti-theft

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Bessie exhibitions is among the leading event management companies based out of Germany, with over 50 events being conducted in the areas of supply chain logistics, healthcare, transportation, smart cities, Internet of Things, RFID sensor applications, ERP solutions etc – attracting over 500,000 visitors from over 50 countries every year. With the help of smart IOT enabled RFID tags, the event management firm had delivered value to the exhibitors, visitors and infrastructure providers with new insights that would help improve the experience. Call us to know how visitor tracking, IOT event tracking solutions can help event management companies, global conferences achieve higher rates of retention and return on investment by understanding visitor behaviour and stall positioning and securing valuable assets. Schools, colleges, universities and other education and research institutions are going digital in a big way and the number of high technology equipment being deployed across class rooms, science laboratories and conference rooms are growing day by day.

This increases the need to have an efficient technology solution to manage asset tracking in schools. Our technology for asset tracking in schools involve deployment of high autonomy and non invasive sensor devices with a range of up to 100 meters, fitted on assets such as laptops, LCD projectors, high performance monitors, Mac desktops, photo copiers, laser printers, scanners, audio visual  and like devices. The asset tracking solutions would give information on the current location of the equipment using zones defined within the campus – thus allowing authorities to easily locate them and take inventory of the valuables. The tags can also be fitted on the doors to monitor security aspects such as time of opening, closing, off time entries etc.

The technology provides push and e. mail alerts when an equipment is moved from one location to another ; or...

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