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Rent Roll Pro

property management software

How do they introduce themselves

Rent Roll Pro, when integrated with QuickBooks Pro, provides property management features equal to those found on products costing thousands of dollars more, and provides invaluable financial analysis not found in other property management software. No Per-Property license fees - no maintenance costs - voluntary upgradesA highlight of the many Version 2. 5 features include:Click here for a more complete list of capabilities. For more information about the design features of Rent Roll Pro click HERE or see below.

Owners of apartments and other rental income properties can more than double their net operating profit by managing their properties themselves. Property management software packages however, are expensive, inflexible and hard to learn, can be used for only a single property or a limited number of units, and are saddled with inflexible and limited quasi-accounting databases. Accounting programs like QuickBooks Pro can keep track of the income and expenses from rental properties, but do not: track leases; calculate the financial statistics necessary to gauge the effectiveness of the property management; handle maintenance requests, jobs and contractors; determine potential income and losses to that income; list property information like unit number, type, occupants, lessee history, physical address, etc. to accounting information.

Highlights of Rent Roll Pro:Apartments and commercial rental real estate can be terrific real estate investments, provided the properties are analyzed as accurately as possible before purchase and managed correctly afterwards. Both the GPR, current and anticipated Economic Vacancy Percentages must be calculated as accurately as possible to determine the property's value. Typically, property management software doesn't calculate the GPR or Economic Vacancy Percentage; real estate investment software doesn't assist property management - though in many cases the same information...

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