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Virtual Rendezvouz will be one of the most innovative social networks ever created to manage your relationships. Join our online community.

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Rather than create and maintain a growing explosion of social networks, virtual worlds, and IM identities, Virtual Rendezvous lets you describe yourself and your relationships once, while automatically creating and managing them across all present and future social worlds. At the heart of Virtual Rendezvous is a non-profit Foundation that fosters the design, development, and deployment of an on-going series of open standards and open-source software infrastructure that fit together into a platform for relationship management. The Rendezvous Group is set of companies that embrace the spirit of user control, absolute privacy, and open standards and software, but use the unique history and relationship information available to provide a world-class experience to their chosen audience. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, during the first era of broadband Internet access in the 90s, and inspired by the first social networks of the 70s, Virtual Rendezvous is a set of ideas, an evolving design, an open software platform, an online community of people, and businesses that together form a Foundation for the open standards of an ambitious new social fabric.

Virtual Rendezvous is about managing and showing yourself, and your relationships to everyone else, in one place, now and forever.  See Wikipedia for a short history of Virtual Rendezvous • YouTube- Virtual Rendezvous - Building Trust in Digital Worlds • YouTube- It's Not a Phone, It's a Galaxy: Gear VR • Virtual Rendezvous is a registered trademark of Charles L. Perkins and Virtual Rendezvous.  ....

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