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RecruitGear's applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines driver recruiting and hiring processes so companies can onboard better qualified drivers faster.

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RecruitGear's driverhiring management system streamlines driver recruitingand hiring processes socarriers and recruiting firmscan onboard better qualifieddrivers in less time. Accelerate Your Recruiting and Hiring ProcessesOur system is ideally suited for SMB carriers, and truck driver recruiting firms. We can prove it. Take us up on our offer for a FREE, 30-day test drive! ApplicantsThe tabbed truck driver application allows candidates to start, pause, then complete their applications when and where convenient.

Digital signaturesDigitized signatures compliant with DOT/state legal and regulatory requirements are captured online through candidate's web browser. Secure, Encrypted data128-bit encrypted applications are stored securely "in the cloud" and daily backed up to give you complete peace of mind. Video ToursTake a peek at RecruitGear!Driver ApplicationTake a virtual tour of the driver's application. See the benefits and the features we've built in to RecruitGear to make sure you get more completed applications!Recruiter's Access to Drivers' ApplicationsCheck out this informative walkthrough where we show you the hiring management features you - the recruiter - will have access to and enjoy.

Features that make RecruitGear Great: For ApplicantsWhen you offer a quick, simple way for drivers to apply from the web, your site becomes a powerful recruiting tool. Driver-applicants will appreciate the convenience of applying online, anytime, anywhere. Entirely Web-Based - RecruitGear gives applicants real-time application services from any computer, anywhere with web access. No Downloads or Plug-ins Required - The only tool necessary for applicants is an Internet connected computer.

The application is conveniently divided into sections, which allows applicants to easily save, exit, then upon returning, Login and continue at the last point of progress. Unlike a paper...

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