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ReadyRatios produces a complete financial analysis of your statements. Software for the intelligent financial analysis online. Financial Analysis Software | Financial Analysis | Financial Statements

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You input into ReadyRatios tables financial statement of your company, prepared according to IFRS or US GAAP rules:— A statement of financial position (balance sheet) and— A statement of comprehensive income (income statement). Instead of manual input, your data can be uploaded in XBRL format. ReadyRatios online software produces a complete financial analysis of your statements: more than 40 ratios and indicators, unique conditional comments, tables, diagrams and summary. See all ReadyRatios analyst featuresNo financial knowledge is required.

Our unique online financial analysis software performs this task!You will effortlessly get a detailed report about the financial condition of your company without the investment of time. You will not be able to tell this report from a professionally made human report!Just view the sample report or try our financial analysis software yourself using sample data. Our statements are fully compliant with international standards. It is the fullest and most accurate set of reporting forms, verified against IASB adopted standards and IFRS Taxonomy.

It may be used as a checklist to verify the statements that you already have. The software enables to create high quality IFRS reporting much faster than it usually takes to make it with Excel. You can enter data randomly (for instance, first you may enter the sum and then its components). The software was created specifically for IFRS reporting.

Information input is convenient and intuitive: you immediately see permitted errors and discrepancies. International Financial Reporting Tool is a crucial tool for the companies of any scale and types of activities, from small firms to transnational corporations, which are willing to make their reporting in full compliance with IFRS requirements. IFRS Disclosure Guide (DG) is the reference book comprising all items which should be disclosed according to...

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