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Starting from $1 per completed surveyPollfish is a survey platform that delivers surveys online and via mobile apps on a global scale, ensuring that your survey reaches just the right audience and you receive the most cost-effective and fastest survey results Design your survey questions using features like survey skip logic, randomized answers, open-ended, and slider rating responses. Select your screening criteria such as age, gender and location to reach millions of mobile consumers. Get accurate, high-quality responses from highly-engaged mobile users. Leverage the power of the Pollfish mobile survey network to get results in real-time.

Analyze responses through our powerful results page-even filter responses by question & answer-or download the raw data for custom reporting. CONSUMERS THAT YOU CAN SURVEY INSTANTLYJune 7, 2016This article originally appeared on the Washington Post. Excerpt: Lots of commentary has accompanied the “Trump Bump,” as the alleged. .

. by Ray BeharryMay 29, 2016How Do You Improve Your Survey Response Rate? How Can You Get More Responses For Your Survey? Adopt these tips. Reach a larger audience You. .

. by Ray BeharryMay 18, 2016Finding ways to monetize a mobile app is the Holy Grail of app publishers. Ad networks and mobile publishers are constantly defining new and. .

. by Andreas VourkosMay 6, 2016  This originally-authored article first appeared on MarketingProfs. Any good marketing campaign strategy strives to answer this. .

. by Ray BeharryMay 5, 2016The most common marketing advice is “know your audience. ” If that’s the stepping stone for any good campaign, the next logical. .

. by Ray BeharryMay 3, 2016Pollfish is working in conjunction with independent researchers from Microsoft Research and Stanford to answer the question: “Who are....

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