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Simple and effective cloud-based ERP software. All in one solution for online invoicing, accounting and inventory management.

How do they introduce themselves

Intuitive and easy to learn. Say goodbye to complicated ERP and accounting software. PayTraq has only the features you really need now or require in the nearest future. Quick access to your account anywhere by going online.

PayTraq is completely web-based so you can forget about installations and hardware just sign up from any web browser you like. Your financial data is secure. Bank level security, with automatic backups, 256-bit SSL encryption, and unlimited data storage. Everything you need to run your business You’ll get a full automation of sales, purchasing, warehousing and accounting, as well as fixed assets, financial loans and payroll.

Work in real time with your accountant and colleagues. PayTraq cloud-based software allows multiple people to view the same up-to-date data and collaborate on financial reports in real time. It's not just another online accounting or online invoicing. Everything you need is combined in one simple, integrated and effective solution.

Now you know what's going on in your business. Always. All financial information and documents are securely stored in the cloud and available online. PayTraq lets you work and collaborate with your colleagues together in one place at any time.

There is no need to transfer files and re-enter transactions. You and your clients work online with the same set of real-time data from anywhere. How Does It Work?Real-Life Business Cases Professionally looking and customizable Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes. Full-featured sales management tools with integrated online accounting and inventory management plus multi-currency support.

Recurring invoicing feature for service organizations. ...

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