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Optimove is a customer retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology. The software personalizes every campaign, to maximize revenue & customer lifetime value.

How do they introduce themselves

REQUEST DEMOwatch video Create insight-based brand interactions to boost customer engagement and lifetime value:Understand Discover your customers’ needs and wants through the ultimate in predictive customer modeling. EngageCreate emotionally-intelligent communications across multiple channels, and in realtime. Monetize Improve every customer metric: increase conversions, maximize customer spend and reduce churn. A technology designed from the ground up to nurture the brand’s biggest asset – its customer base.

Predictive Customer ModelingRealtime HypertargetingMulti-channel Campaign AutomationSelf-optimizing Personalization“Our marketers, as well as our analysts, appreciate the easy-to-access power that the Optimove software puts in their hands. Showing our customers that we understand them, and can anticipate their wants and needs, is the best way to engender brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships. ” “Optimove gives us a powerful back-end customer data warehouse with customer modeling based on predictive analytics and large-scale messaging automation. Optimove is a leader in delivering an effective and comprehensive product.

” “Optimove makes it fast and easy to segment our customers into granular target groups, and then to execute relevant campaigns to each group, all with only a few clicks. With Optimove, we achieved a 47% increase in conversion rate, 26% increase in the average number of unique monthly depositors, 52% increase in total amount of monthly deposits and a 31% increase in total amount of monthly wagers. ” “Once we made the strategic decision to invest in contextualized customer marketing, we began looking for a highly-scalable, cutting-edge solution to automate and optimize the process of personalization. Optimove’s combination of powerful technologies put it on our short list, and...

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