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Netsweeper Enterprise Basic internet filtering provides organizations with peace of mind, ensuring that they are protected from the legal liabilities associated Internet usage in the enterprise. With basic filtering, employees can be restricted from viewing web content that could damage the organization’s reputation, or subject it to costly lawsuits. Additionally, enterprise networks is an important productivity that limits access to sites that too often pull employees away from their routine tasks and cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost time. Netsweeper helps organizations regain lost productivity and stop Internet abuse.

Tell me more…Furthermore, we have partnered with the likes of Internet Watch Foundation, CyberTips, Phishtank, Stopbadware and Interpol where we digest and publish list information for mutual benefit. Netsweeper is a Canadian developed software solution that resides at the client’s Internet gateway and leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to scour the Internet for inappropriate material, in any language. Tell me more…Netsweeper empowers Carriers, Broadband providers and ISPs to provide an Ad-Free connectivity experience to their subscriber base. Consumers have a choice to defend themselves from Adware exploits surrounding their personal information while enjoying a clean & faster surfing experience.

The Netsweeper platform is Carrier Grade, Industry Proven and leveraged in the largest networks in the world. A Multi-tenant solution with centrally or distributed Ad-Policy management that scales like no other in the market today or in the future! Tell me more…NS PROXY is the fastest selective SSL decryption product on the market brought to you and powered by Netsweeper. Engineered to provide advanced HTTPS filtering. NS PROXY solves a key issue for the education sector as more Web sites become SSL-enabled; e....

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