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Advicent Solutions, developer of NaviPlan®, Profiles™ & Advisor Briefcase®, provides financial planning technology for the financial services industry.

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The new interactive client portal from Advicent offers advisors and their clients insight into their personal financial plan anytime, anywhere with transparency and security. Narrator Clients seamlessly and proactively connects advisors to their clients throughout the client journey with 24/7 accessibility and actionable analytics while keeping financial planning at the core. Learn MoreWe know what advisors need and clients want. Our tools are built to help you both reach your goals.

Delivering innovative technology to advisors since 1969. 90. 3% of advisors receive at least one referral per plan. 64.

7% of advisors make at least one product sale per plan. Over 120,000 advisors globally have partnered with us. Read what some of our partners have to say. After offering a new fee structure that helped develop long-term relationships with his clients, one advisor used Advicent™ tools to illustrate recommendations and show where he exceeded client expectations.

This led to a steady stream of warm leads and referrals from current clients. Advicent is proud to partner with these groups. Take a look at what’s new and what’s coming up. June 6, 2016Narrator® Clients, Narrator® Advisor, and Narrator® Connect debut Advicent, the financial technology firm that brought the industry Profiles™, NaviPlan®, Figlo®, and Advisor Briefcase®, introduces the Narrator® product suite featuring Narrator® Clients, Narrator® Advisor, and Narrator® Connect.

Narrator Clients and Narrator Advisor work hand-in-hand and are linked in terms of an…....

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