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N41 Apparel Software Suite

How do they introduce themselves

Over the past decade, Nouvolution has deployed countless enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Industry - namely our N41 Apparel Software Suite.   Designed by some of the best and brightest minds (from many successful companies) in apparel wholesale operations, the N41 Apparel Software Suite can handle the operational scale of any-sized company.   We understand that no two companies are the same size nor do they operate exactly alike, which is why at its core N41 has the ablility to tailor itself to your unique operations without having to change a single line of code. Being both robust enough to handle enterprise-level processes and flexible enough to help smaller companies build their foundation, its no coincidence that the N41 Apparel Software Suite is fast becoming the hottest apparel and footwear ERP software system on the market today.

  N41's feature-rich programming works hand-in-hand with its easy-to-use Microsoft user interface to ensure that day-to-day operations from the top-down are fluid and consistent.   Many companies choose the N41 Apparel Software Suite because they are secure in knowing that as they grow and their operations evolve, N41's scalability will easily allow it to grow and evolve with their company. The N41 apparel ERP software system is the business management solution developed to increase overall productivity, facilitate quicker time-to-market, improve supply chain management, reduce waste, and provide a superior personalized user experince  for global manufacturers, distributers, and importers alike, all while delivering the marketplace's lowest total cost of ownership. The Nouvolution Team offers our clients so much more in additional support services including, Electronic Data Interchange, e-Commerce, Web Development, Payment Processing, Online Backup, Email Hosting, and so much...

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