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myFLIGHTDATA is a solutions provider for electronic aviation recordkeeping, Part 135 electronic flight records, and Federal Aviation Regulation compliance through automated software.

How do they introduce themselves

  myFLIGHTDATA. com™ is an electronic records system and aviation regulatory compliance program. You control the data, we do the calculations. Fast, easy, accurate, aviation record-keeping.

Automated pilot and aircraft checks; know before you go. Keep your mind on flying instead of doing paperwork and reports.   myFLIGHTDATA™ gives aircraft owners an automated pilot logbook, maintenance tracking, as well as flight monitoring and maintenance alerts. No need to radio ahead while enroute! Your limo will be waiting when you arrive with automatic notification when 30 minutes out from destination.

Know when your your aircraft departs and arrives at its destination, or if it becomes over due.       Just File and Fly. . .

Imagine having your flight logbook filled out automatically each time you fly! With a pilot logbook account you can automatically record your flight history for each aircraft in your account. Just file (IFR) and fly. After your flight, or series of flights, you can edit and import your flight(s) directly to your logbook. Or you can log flights directly from a text message when you land.

    myFLIGHTDATA receive's AC-U-KWIK's Business Spotlight. ...

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