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My Cloud Grocer

How do they introduce themselves

 Expand your supermarkets online 40. 2% of US consumers say they’d order groceries online if the option was available (Symphony EYC). 18% say they “actively dislike” going to the grocery store (Packaged Foods Report, 2013). And 59% already use their smart phone as they walk the aisles of the grocery store as they refer to their shopping list, access coupons or review recipes.

Now is the time to pre-empt your competition with an online shopping option that accommodates the way your customers want to shop. My Cloud Grocer gets supermarkets selling online. It’s fast, easy, reliable, affordable and customized to your brand. We offer the most technologically advanced grocery software platform available today.

This is enterprise-grade software that used to be reserved for the big chains and monster dot coms. But we’re giving equal access to the single location grocer, the mid-size regional chain, and the big national chains. If you’re ready for home delivery or planning to start with in-store pick-up, then we’re here to help you launch. A recent client in New York watched their monthly sales increase by more than 15% shortly after launching their Internet grocery store.

Not a surprise to us with 40% of consumers saying they’re ready to order online. Our clients see increased basket size and increased loyalty, leading to a higher lifetime value per customer. Plus they start to attract a younger, more tech savvy, higher value clientele. You don’t have the time, energy or resources to manage an e-commerce website.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive solution with equal parts cutting edge software and hosting, grocery industry expertise, marketing support...

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