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Create the best looking mind map online and share it with others. Enjoy mind mapping by brainstorming collaboratively on ideas and projects.

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We built several features which will make it very easy for the professor and its students to use Mindomo in the classroom. Such features are: creating mind map assignments, setting up groups for students, accessing students' maps, etc. Use mind maps to understand facts, issues and ideas revolving around a central topic. Use concept maps to see how multiple concepts are connected.

Use outlines to refine your maps and save them in a linear way. It's very simple to add and use Mindomo from the school's Google Apps or Office365 account. Also, our LTI integrations provide a single click access to Mindomo from the most popular LMSs: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, itslearning, Schoology, etc. The 'Presenter' feature lets students turn their maps into slide-by-slide presentations.

This way they can show others their thought process as they developed the maps. iPad and Android native apps for mind mapping both online and offline while using a smooth, simplified interface. Our playback mode lets you keep track of all the changes each student makes on a mind map: added topics, new connections, uploaded images and videos, etc. Students can make their maps more engaging by searching web images directly from the map and adding them with just one click.

To explain certain topics better, add related videos from the web or audio record your explanation directly in the mind map. To introduce students to mind mapping, use our predefined mind map templates or create your own. It will be easier for them to get familiar with mind maps. Organize information visually and the connections between topics will become straightforward.

Your knowledge will increase with each new connection you discover. Mindomo is the best all-in-one visual tool for your classes: mind mapping, concept mapping, and outlining software. As students will create and collaborate on mind maps, concept...

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