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Membrain's software and services make it easy for sales teams to execute a sales strategy to consistently reach targets.

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Sales ProcessMembrain allows you to translate your sales strategy into a visual process that becomes the guiding companion in daily operations by encompassing your best practices and common sales language. Active Pipeline ManagementMembrain goes beyond just visualizing your pipeline by showing you the health of each opportunity and provides suggestions on how to ensure pipeline momentum to improve your win-rates and forecast accuracy. Read moreSales Performance ManagementMembrain makes sure that all sales team members understand their goals and receives the guidance to continually reach their targetsRead moreSales CoachingMembrain guides sales team members towards milestones and provides sales managers the information and context to coach individuals to higher levels of performance. Read moreSmart ProspectingMembrain's prospecting module provides the workflow to prospect effectively and the discipline to disqualify the wrong type of clients in order to build a healthy sales pipeline.

Read moreSales AnalyticsMembrain comes with intelligent sales analytics out of the box to make it easy to spot trends and quickly make needed adjustments to your strategy, tactics and coaching efforts. Read moreSales ProductivityMembrain includes the productivity tools that are important for busy sales professionals, such as email templates, email tracking and a scheduling service to book more appointments!Read moreSales EnablementMembrain allows you to integrate information, collateral and guides within the sales process to help your sales people to increase their skills from hire date through every deal they work. Read moreSales CRMMembrain includes a CRM database to store information on accounts and contacts and can also be used to complement an existing CRM, such as Salesforce. com or Microsoft Dynamics.

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