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How do they introduce themselves

Megamon is an enterprise class network monitoring solution that makes it easy to manage large networks. Download the Megamon Virtual Appliance today, and you will be monitoring your networks in less than 15 minutes.  Megamon makes managing large networks faster and easier. Configure large numbers of devices in one go.

Spend less time configuring your monitoring, and more time enjoying what you do best. Quickly identify and troubleshoot the source of performance issues and improve your network availability. With Megamon's full suite of network intelligence tools, you'll know your networks like the back of your hand. Does your network span hundreds of physical locations? Unlike other monitoring tools, Megamon shows your entire network from the dashboard giving you comprehensive visibility at a glance.

That's a world first. When Megamon detects a potential problem, it uses intelligent escalalation to decide who to contact by email or sms. Megamon tells you what you need to do next, and also integrates with Service Now and Remedy. Megamon has been used by large companies for over 10 years including a major airline, telecommunications company, ISP and IT providers.

Megamon is now releasing its first commercial edition, available to the wider public.  A key feature of Megamon is the connection between the physical geographic location of a network device and its place in the virtual world of the Megamon provides visual representations of data from both broad and highly specific perspectives. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just signed on ATechnology as our first Authorised Reseller for Megamon. Your networks are critical.


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