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Margin Minder

Margin Minder® sales analytics software from Salient empowers employees to make fact-based decisions that maximize profitability.

How do they introduce themselves

Margin Minder® helped cut costs by nearly 3 cents per case; with 55 million cases shipping a year, that’s an annual savings of $1. 25 million! Reduced the new product sales execution cycle from 6 weeks to about 2 weeks. “I can’t think of what we don’t track with UXT®. With about 13,000 customers and 60 drivers, we now have real-time control of our profit and loss activities enterprise wide.

We especially like the ability to monitor profit performance of individual sales people, and recently decided to base part of their compensation on margin delivered. This is phenomenal. ”Results within 6 months:Lowered Inventory carrying costs by $4 million. Impacted bottom line by $750,000.

Reduced aged inventory of beer over 365 days from $354,000 to $71,000. “We can look at a detailed history of products or groups of products that were on promotion at the same time last year and, with extreme accuracy, project the production run needed,” said Randy Bates. “Margin Minder has helped us become much smarter manufacturers. ”“Margin Minder® helped us achieve about a 10% improvement in accuracy and proficiency.

There has also been a great improvement in ordering efficiency for tasks like stocking. ” Increased net margin by 5pts. Increased sales by 13%. “We’ve only had this forecasting system for about four or five months, and a lot of the growth we’ve had has been in the past few months and it just keeps accelerating.

But in that timeframe, we’ve decreased our out of stocks by 40%, our day supply average is down by 25%, and we’ve decreased our freight costs through hauling efficiencies another 15% and again, our sales just keep going up. ”Increased revenues by 12. 25% from $98 million to $111 million. Within 4 months, reduced credits to goal of .

75% of sales. Salient gets...

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