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Limo Alliance

Ultimate Limousine Management and Dispatching software to revolutionize livery services business.Advanced limo software for online reservations,fleet tracking.

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Generate invoices, Apply payments, and know about pending /paid invoice. Create/ Manage Accounts, Add /Import Reservations and Detailed ReportingSee every car on the Limo Alliance platform worldwide in real time and assign reservation immediately by using our Limo Dispatching Software. Employee/ Chauffeur Information , payroll along with check-in & check-out history. On-Demand Global Affiliate Network and pre-booked reservation system with our Limo Software.

Once a reservation or booking has been logged, you can pick it up and transfer it anywhere you need it on the system without fear of losing any information or miss-transcribing it. Transport industry never sleeps so we provide 24x7 support from our technical experts of Limo Operating System. Immediate notifications integrated with (SMS and phone calls from passenger to driver and vice versa with masked numbers)Members can book reservations, add users, check trip history, web access history, account history and look up for instant rates. Agents can add or remove their passengers, book rides, check travel history along with pending details and estimated price.

Chauffeurs will be able to receive jobs On-Demand, use Google maps for real time navigation, update status in real time, view past jobs and manage current as well as future jobs. Additionally they can include tolls, parking, waiting time and end the job with a single swift slide. Features of DriverLogon App: Passenger can check their trip details, log time with pinnacle passenger App of Limo Alliance. Track your ride progress with real time and get closest vehicle and ETA are visible to passengers.

Pre-estimate of Quick reservation and detailed Billing Receipt additionally rate your drives instantly. Your clients will be able to book rides through your customized app with your company name and logo wherever they are in the world. Get into Global affiliation with Limo Alliance integrated...

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