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Today, more than ever, projects compound the Risks of multiple unknowns. For example, projects in Construction, IT and Pharma promise great benefits, but too-frequently fail. Some companies ignore their Project Risks, hoping they will go away. Others do a partial job of responding to them.

Still others pay consulting or outsourcing firms to manage their Risks for them. Wouldn’t it be better to KnowRisk?Today’s Enterprises and Governments worldwide understand that unmanaged Project Risk leads to business risk——unacceptable to top managers in this age of increased regulatory scrutiny. And while KnowRisk focuses on managing Project Risk, it is also consistent with International Standards for both Project Management and Enterprise Risk Management. Aren’t You Glad You KnowRisk?We originally built KnowRisk to support our Project Risk Management coaching and consulting practice, helping clients identify, analyze, and respond to Risks.

Now we also license KnowRisk for individual use, for a project team, or for your enterprise. Click The Products link below for more information. In addition to KnowRisk availability as a tool, we also provide onsite facilitated Risk assessment services. Or, try our Rocky Mountain High, where you come to us for your project Kick-off and Risk Assessment with KnowRisk.

Click The Services link below for more information. KnowRisk is a star performer in a series of ProjectExperts’ tools that help you manage all your projects more effectively. Click the Products link in the menu at the top of this page for more information about our suite of PM Per4mance tools. The KnowRisk Project Risk Management processes and methods are compliant with the IPMA Competence Baseline, ISO 21500—the Project Management standard, and other Risk Management standards worldwide.

Note: Due to trademark restrictions, KnowRisk is only available in the...

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