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IRIS Intelligence

IRIS Risk Management, Risk Management Software, Risk Management Solutions, UK Risk Management Software, Risk Management Training.

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IRIS embeds best practice risk management methodology in a fully automated system that can be instantly customized to match specific customer preferences and reporting requirements. IRIS provides affordable solutions for all companies ranging from a single user desktop edition to thousands of users sharing a database across multiple locations. Most readers will have started managing projects in the past twenty years or so. So, how has risk management developed in that time, and are we doing it any better now than our project management predecessors or ancient ancestors? Read more.

. . Following the success of our participation in a Trade Mission last November to Rio and Sao Paulo with Lord Maude, UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment, IRIS has been asked to join another Trade Mission to Brazil. This second mission took place in March and April, focused on the Smart Cities Congress in Curitiba, ParanĂ¡.

Read more. . . Risk Doctor Blog: Many people think that risk management is only relevant to major organisations with big budgets who run mega-projects or who work in a regulated or safety-critical industry sector.

Dr David Hilson explains why this cannot be further from the truth Read more. . . View full news indexOur specialist training team host regular events covering online learning and classroom courses in Europe and North America.

Upcoming events include:23 MayIntroduction to Risk Management - New York, NY, USA26 MayRisk Management Excellence- Bath, UK 9 JunPrinciples for Effective Risk Management - Washington, DC, USA 24 JunIntroduction to Risk Management -Edinburgh, UKView further risk management training courses scheduled soon. Our consultancy team provides organisations with comprehensive and wide ranging risk consultancy that focusses on solutions that are proven to positively impact bottom line performance. Typical Engagements include:Our team has vast...

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