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Inzant Sales

The original iPad sales system. Increase sales while decreasing costs; eliminate paper, printing and data entry. Turn your sales team into sales professionals not just order takers.

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With integrated catalogues and images, barcode scanning and stock replenishment order modes, it provides workflows to suit the whole sales team. The Inzant sales iPad APP is always up to date with stock on hand, complete order history, pricing and much more at your fingertips. In conjunction with ScanPack invoicing has never been this easy, accurate or as fast. From buyer to delivery NEVER rekey another order.

Free up staff time for more valuable tasksEliminating old fashioned order forms and catalogs, allows more calls each day which = MORE DOLLARS!Click below to let Inzant Activate Your Sales!As the shopping experience rapidly shifts to the small screen, companies who aren’t adapting to this trend — leaving their mobile apps to languish with antiquated functionality and designs — will be left out in the cold. One feature of the Inzant System that we feel could be used more predominantly is the ability to classify and grade your customers into logical groups. Sales Reps able to raise and edit their quotes themselves directly from the iPad as well as converting and submitting them just as they would any other order. Quick access is available via the “Quotes Summary” Report.

The Inzant Sales System has transformed our marketing and selling programme, simplifying it to such an extent that it is a pleasure for our Sales Staff to show and sell our products to much greater advantage than in the past. Most importantly, the Customers find it a pleasure to view and order from the system. Even the office staff enjoy receiving and processing the orders. Adopting the Inzant Sales System for our business has been a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

We commend the system to you. Gail Mooney, Director, Syben Marketing Pty LtdInzant have been very easy to work with from the outset and remain very ‘customer focused’ even 12 months into the relationship. I...

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