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Intralinks VIA

Confidently share and collaborate beyond the firewall with enterprise secure file sharing solutions from Intralinks.

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Over 3. 1 million professionals spanning more than 40 industries across the globe rely on Intralinks to work securely and productively across boundaries. Large-scale mergers and acquisitions, enterprise collaboration, drug development, syndicated lending and fund management are just a sampling of the mission-critical work facilitated by the Intralinks platform. Intralinks offers three editions of product and user-support capabilities designed to fill a broad range of business needs – all supported by industry-leading security and governance capabilities.

These editions are extended with specialized modules for industry and use-case-specific needs.   Accelerate collaboration with simple and intuitive Workspaces for secure file sync, content sharing and team collaboration, including: Enable large-scale content repositories, complex collaboration, case management and document-centric workflows with features that include: Support high-stakes transactions, partnership negotiations and strategic initiatives with features that include: To enhance and extend these core capabilities, Intralinks also offers specialized modules for specific business processes, including: For M&A deal sourcing and marketing For syndicated lending For sell-side deal marketing For managing buy-side/sell-side ethical walls For connecting to SharePoint® and other enterprise applications Intralinks maintains a multitude of Workspace templates specifically crafted to accelerate your business project. Pre-configured folder templates and workflows supporting business processes across several industries are easily deployed for your team. And, Intralinks industry-specific subject matter experts are available to share best practices for your particular project.

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