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Build OLAP cubes and web 2.0 reports on top of your relational databases in realtime with our platform independent Business Intelligence solution.

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These are just a few of the feaures. Click here for a full technical description of instantOLAP. Download and install instantOLAP in minutes and start building your OLAP Cubes and reports. Our standard distribution installs everything you’ll need, including a server, a demo database with example reports and a free user license!instantOLAP is Java based and runs on nearly every platform – from Linux or Windows servers up to Mainframe systems.

Use your existing hardware, scale from one server to a bigger one: instantOLAP runs everywhere you want. Start using instantOLAP as a ROLAP System, which directly queries the data from your databases, and turn your Cubes into lightspeed MOLAP Cubes with a few mouse clicks whenever you need to. instantOLAP uses a powerful SQL generator for adhoc queries and an impressive compression technology for aggregating data into MOLAP Cubes. And it allows to run mixtures of both – as fast as you need it.

Your database is very large or complex, and you use more than one database? No problem, instantOLAP is used by many enterprise companies since years and is designed to work with huge databases. instantOLAP is not restricted to work only with single databases, Star Schemas or anything else. instantOLAP is a real OLAP System with Models, Dimensions and Cubes. It simply turns your relational databases into Cubes in realtime.

It supports Drilldown, Drillthrough, a flexible expression language and many other things you need for building OLAP Systems. Build impressive dashboards or reports with instantOLAP. Our Portal contains dynamic Pivot Tables, interactive Charts and Geo Charts, interactive control elements and lets you combine everything to reports or dashboards. Users can export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV or XML files, send them as Email or subscribe to them or even publish their own PDF documents or edit HTML files online.

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