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Inspection Apps

Inspection Apps create inspection, checklist, compliance, data collection and assessment applications for iPhone and iPad. Inspection Apps has created one app that can be customised for multiple checklist inspections across countless industries including real estate, building, mining, OH&S, insurance, engineering and training, as well as all levels of government.

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Inspection Apps is a Multi-Award winning product that provides a software solution for Business, Government, Councils, Real Estate, Building inspectors, Mining, OH&S inspectors and so many more. You can throw away your paper-based checklist and digital camera, and substitute them with Inspection Apps. Traditionally, a business that is seeking an app (and database combination) from a developer for a specific purpose will pay upwards of $50,000, and it will cost many months of development time. Inspection Apps provides you with Cloud-based inspection management software, which can replicate your paper-based checklist, and allow you to use your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini to record inspection data, capture defects and take photographs, whether you are online or off-line.

Captured data and photographs wirelessly and automatically upload to the cloud-based application, which you can then incorporate into PDF client reports, or management reports, with one click. Its also used for Service Calls, to produce Service Reports and Invoices, and its also used for Customer Sales, to produce Quotes. You will save hours of time by avoiding the manual tasks of re-typing from paper-based notes, or needlessly connecting and uploading from your digital camera. Try this calculator to see how much time you can save Unlike other apps, Inspection Apps allows you to have multiple inspection types within the one app, and each inspection type can have a unique combination of checklist questions.

PDF reports are designed to match your current format, layout and colours. The product is a fully customised, fully developed software solution for a couple of dollars per inspection, and delivered within a few days. It doesn't matter if you are sole operator business, or a government agency with hundreds of users. .

. . Inspection Apps is the answer. ....

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