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Innovative Binaries

Web-based Aircraft Compliance & Health Management

How do they introduce themselves

Accelerate Failure Detection. Reduce Operating Costs. Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science is an essential part of the technology industry today and provides answers to complicated and challenging problems. Artificial intelligence algorithms, over time, are capable of comprehending patterns and correlations between disparate sources of information, which the human brain cannot compute.

Through artificial intelligence the application brings more certainty to stochastic events that, in turn, positively impacts the complete process down the line; resources and infrastructure can be better planned. Our aircraft structural health diagnostics and prognostics comprise the acquisition of large data sets from aircraft sensors (including several sub-systems-avionics, landing gear, engine, etc. ). Data adapters will transform these data sets to a neutral format data lake.

This transformation will enable almost real-time anomaly fault detection, isolation, and potential degradation alerts. Suggested actions will reduce operating costs and increase safety and reliability of the fleet. The platform captures isolated sources of data to reveal important information about the health of the engine. Our approach helps to detect anomalies by producing an early-warning detection system.

The alerts increase fleet reliability. Line and hangar maintenance shops can be assured of higher parts availability, higher throughput, reduced no-fault-found (NFF) incidences, parts inventory, and maintenance costs. Technology enhancements and the emergence of big data present real-time, high-impact decision making capability. Conventional reporting is superseded by the predictions of likely activities during downtimes, reducing the unknown and unscheduled tasks, parts and skills requests.

The enhanced visibility and increased on-condition monitoring suggests a better plan for reducing maintenance budgets...

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