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inKoming is a recruitment software and an applicant tracking system which lets you manage easily your candidates, jobs and interviews with social recruiting features.

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inKoming lets you manage easily and efficiently your recruitments !inKoming will create a different email address for each job offersinKoming delivers an efficient search featureBulk reject non-selected applicants and automatically a notification email will be sent to themCOMING SOON ! "A demo. is worth a thousand words" LIVE DEMO - CLICK HERE You will save time and make recurrent tasks less painful (screening, emailing, interviewing, . . .

)Organize and improve recruitingOutlook is not the right tool for tracking applicants. Instead inKoming centralizes all applications in one single place by creating different email address for each open positions. Already convinced? Join us here:Store and search resumesSearch in all the content of all your candidates attachments to find the right skill or education. Also view the content of a resume without downloading them with our quick view feature (DOC,PDF,RTF).

SIGN UP FOR A PLANSend emails in one clickUse or create custom mail template and communicate with the candidates directly with inKoming. Centralize all your messages in one single place. Not yet convinced? Learn more!Check out what other people say about us !Our subscription plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you!No extra fees, no commitment, upgrade or cancel your plan at any time (1 month = 30 days)Unlimited support by email.

Critical incidents are managed 24/7So, how to choose the right plan? First of all, an open position allows you to add candidates, send & receive mails, and publish the position on your website. You should ask yourself, what is the maximum number of open positions offered simultaneously by my company ? If this number is 10, you should choose plan S, if 15 then M, if 25 then L, if 40 then XL, if more contact us !Our Award Winning application is feature packed and extremely functionnal!inKoming stores all of your resumes, cover letters, files attached to the...

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