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Two Minute Overview VideoAccelerate Analytics ROIRight now, data is flowing into your organization from numerous, complex sources in a never-ending way.  In the middle of that data storm, you need data security and data integration. Actian Operational Databases provide the reliable, standards-based, enterprise level databases that enable your organization to focus on conquering and accelerating big data. Actian’s Data Integration tool provides the fastest, most powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use way to integrate data.

For support and services, please click here. If there’s one thing you never want to compromise on, it’s your data. With Actian, you don’t have to. Discover the benefits realized by companies in every sector when they choose the Actian Relational DBMS to tackle their mission-critical data management and analysis requirements.

Transactional and data integrity, performance, reliability and security features are built into our core architecture – not bolted on like some aftermarket technology. Features including Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), column-level and at-rest data encryption, and built-in geospatial functionality allow you to build and deploy the mobile, SaaS and cloud-based apps that will differentiate your business today and in the future. Even our largest global customers find their database administrators are able to accomplish more in less time using the Actian Director management suite to manage one or multiple Actian Relational DBMS installations. Their reduced maintenance requirements translate into lower total cost of ownership and greater business value.

Timely and ongoing support for industry standards ensures portability and eliminates vendor lock-in. And Actian’s core-based or virtual machine subscription license models make even mass-scale deployments more cost-effective than you’ll find with other DBMS...

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