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HyperHour captures screenshots and memos written for you by your employees, allowing you to have a quick overview of the day's work. Assign work tasks to specific employees. Know exactly how much time is spent on each task and where your employees can improve their performance. A detailed report of all the work done in a current week is provided by HyperHour.

Use these reports to complete the payroll in record time. In addition to viewing your team's work progress, you may also give feedback on their activity. This added interaction allows you to gain the level of control you've always wanted with outsourced workers. Monitors the rate of keyboard strokes and mouse movement to generate an accurate activity reading.

Activity tracking allows you to monitor the efficiency of your team. In the event that one of your team members overcharges you for time, you can quickly and easily edit the reported hours. Hyperhour provides updated data every 10 minutes so you can see what your team is working on at all times. Never be in the dark again and monitor at what times breaks are taken.

Hyperhour installs easily on Windows computers and uses minimal resources. Clocking in at a mere 380kb and using less than 0. 007 gb of memory, it was designed to run on older and newer machines. Keep a good employee relationship by choosing a level of privacy both you and your employee are comfortable with.

You can select whether are not screenshots are taken and whether you will be paying your employee for private time. When the people you trust aren't doing the work they are supposed to do. . .

even though you're still paying their salaries. Hyperhour will eliminate all doubt and restore productivity. You'll have piece of mind by accurately tracking time, providing associated screenshots, work logs and memos from your employees. Your employees will...

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