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HRMetricsPro is a suite of HR Dashboards that help you understand exactly where and how you can improve HR functions and activities and plan strategies based on validated metrics and customized data.

How do they introduce themselves

HRMetricsPro transforms your employee “big data” into metrics, insights, and trends applicable to your workforce right now. No matter how little or how much data you have, your HR Data report is tailored directly to your organization. Leaders in Finance and HR face tough questions about employee ROI, workforce costs, and HR Investments. You probably have an “If I only knew” HR Metrics wish list to get answers to:How can we onboard new hires more efficiently? How would HRMetricsPro help me discover where these processes are most in need of improvement?How well is the workforce performing? How do I differentiate high-performing teams from low-performing teams?Will we be able to recruit enough skilled employees to fill the new projects coming up? If there is a gap, how many people should we hire? Why do candidates join our organization?Which groups need training most? What kind of training do they need? How should I allocate the budget to reach the highest training efficacy?I’ve been asked for a “state of the workforce” report with hard numbers – I am not sure how.

How would HRMetricsPro support me in leveraging HR as a strategic partner?How do I best use HRMetricsPro to influence the company’s business strategy? We want HR to “have a seat at the table” – to enhance its role as an initiator of changeAre we retaining high-potential or high-performing talent? How do we keep high performers while reducing low performers?What potential risks exist in our workforce structure that we are not aware of? How can we avoid the potentially devastating results they may lead to?HR metrics quantify the cost and impact of employee programs and HR processes, and they measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. They enable your organization to track year-to-year trends and changes according to critical HR success factors. It is how organizations measure the value of their time and...

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