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HR Manager Pro

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Advanced solutions, for HR professionalsHR Manager Pro makes recruitment possible from any place of the world. With only an internet connection, our applicant screenig and assessment Software as a Service offers the flexibility that any HR professional needs. Our secure plaform removes the need of being inside the corporate network and gives you the possibility to work from anywhere on any internet enabled device. Create a corporate talent pool and track the applicant performance.

Having all the information about your candidates in a single place, makes recruiting more efficient. Assessment results, performance comparisons, résumés, interview notes are one click away, enabling you to make informed decisions. Hire the best people, faster, using multiple assessments in different expertise areas. We provide a wide range of assessments and also offer the possibility to create your custom tests.

Access to our knowledgebase is unlimited and you can mix questions of different difficulties in your own subjects, to create the most relevant assessments. Store unlimited candidates, resumes, documents and pictures, all in one place. Take notes during interviews and store them together so you can keep track of where a candidate is in the recruitment process. Update applicant personal information when necessary and never worry about information leaking because at HR Manager Pro we pay great attention to security.

Candidate screening is a key facet of talent acquisition. HR Manager Pro offers a new streamlined employee screening processes to reduce cycle time from days to minutes, save thousands of dollars, and shorten time to productivity for new employees. Smart recruitment identifies and matches people with a specific skill set to a particular job. By using a recruitment software with a candidate database, you can automate screening and candidate matching.

Candidate management can lower...

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