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HotSchedules delivers solutions for online employee scheduling, talent sourcing, eLearning, back office, shift and task management and platform as a service.

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Still training like it’s 1999? Dig into the latest restaurant training tools to engage today’s modern workforce. Register NowSee How to ApplyGet a Demo Contact Customer Care: +1. 877. 720.

8578 Contact Sales +1. 877. 539. 5156Get a Demo SCHEDULE RECRUIT TRAIN THE MANAGER’S RED BOOK LOGBOOK ENTERPRISE BACK OFFICE INVENTORY REVEAL IoT PLATFORMWe make it easy to find and hire the best hourly workers, develop their skills through mobile, video training and create online employee schedules that get them in the right place at the right time.

Together, our mobile, restaurant labor management software help you organize your workforce and keep your managers from going crazy. The fact that it’s designed to deliver labor savings to your bottom line, well that’s just gravy. Recruit | Train | Schedule As soon as we implemented HotSchedules, we went from taking 3-4 hours creating schedules to 45 minute, an hour, max. That saves a lot of money on wasted labor and allows us to be more focused on store operations.

Odair Ferro, General Manager | Newk’s Express CafeThere’s a lot to do in a single day to keep a store running and guests happy. Our tools help you and your team stay on task and in constant communication so that everything – from guest interaction to inventory counts – get done better and faster. Logbook | The Manager’s Red Book | Enterprise Back Office | Reveal | Inventory Previously, our in-store communications consisted of clipboards full of notes with no dates. Now, everything is under one umbrella and can be managed consistently and far more accurately.

Finding records is a breeze and we can hold each other accountable. There’s a cost savings there too. Jim Hofer, Operations Support | CRAVE HospitalityYour data isn’t just a side on the menu, it’s now a main...

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