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Ensure that your organization is HIPAA compliant with the HIPAA One compliance software. Check it out today!

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HIPAA OneHIPAA Compliance and Data Security made easy3 Minute Video IntroductionOur teams work tirelessly to provide the best HIPAA compliance software and professional services in the industry.  Owned by Modern Compliance Solutions, HIPAA One® was designed from the ground-up to be the most simple, automated and affordable solution. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners to be “everything HIPAA” under one roof.  To be the resource for seasoned audit professionals looking for 3rd party assurances and those who seek a solid foundation in HIPAA Compliance for their organizations.

Listed below are some organizations currently using HIPAA One®.  Please click on the link for your vertical to learn more about how we can help:Here’s the bottom-line when it comes to your situation regarding HIPAA Security Risk Analysis:Contact us at 801. 770. 1199 or sales@hipaaone.

com today for a free initial consultation and review of your previous HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.  Or fill out this form: HITRUST Breaches Lay the Welcome Mat for Hackers and Paydirt We live in a world of irony.   Nowhere is that more evident than in healthcare cyber-security.   Is it curious that HIT breaches are rising at a 43% annual level (according to the Identity Theft Resource [read more]Windows 10 and HIPAA Security Officer Compliance CIOs, IT Directors and IT Managers are often deputized as their organization’s HIPAA Security Officer.

  In addition to being responsible for HIPAA security and compliance, there may be a push to upgrade to Windows 10.    [read more]Individual Patient Rights vs HIPAA Security At HIPAA One, we hope to have potential clients contact us for questions around HIPAA Compliance and risk management.   As we post our phone number online, we get...

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