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Gasoline Approval System

The Gasoline Approval System | User-friendly system has a proven track record of finding and fixing expensive expensive leaks in dealership processes.

How do they introduce themselves

Save an average of 20% or more on your gasoline expenditures by eliminating Fraud, Theft, Error, and Waste. And getting started is simple. Auto dealerships spend thousands every month on gasoline but have no way to accurately control or reconcile this expense. NO CONTRACT with A potential return of at least 20% against your current expense!!!! Auto dealerships spend thousands every month on gasoline – but have no way to accurately control or reconcile this expense.

Create Detailed Gas Purchase Orders. The Gasoline Approval System GAS™ enables you to produce comprehensive gas tickets with all the necessary data to take control of your process. Verify GAS™ Tickets with Gas Station Receipts. Gas station receipt data can be entered into GAS™ to complete and record each transaction.

GAS™ eliminates the end of month stack of receipts that are impossible to reconcile by creating detailed purchase orders (gas tickets) and office control copies. Easy Reconciliation Eliminates Fraud, Theft, Error, and Waste. Detailed transaction records close the loop on open-ended expenses. The patented GAS™ software method reconciles all of your transaction data with your gas station bill.

Track the Details of Every Transaction. Monitor your gasoline expenses in real time with searchable options. A variety of reports will provide details by category for each purchase, including department, employee, customer, reason, vehicle, amount, and authorizations. Like most dealerships, during the hard times we look even closer for the changes that will help to bolster the bottom line.

Many pretenders, such as the DMS providers, CRM tools, and lead managers take a toll, both in terms of manpower and real dollars with little or no guarantee of enhanced returns. Of all our recent software endeavors, eDealership has come...

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