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Work management software for a more organized, engaged and productive workforce. Fewzion helps operations manage their processes.

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.       Late in 2015 while most people were getting ready for Christmas one of our clients (Anglo American’s Grasstree mine) was quietly breaking a production record achieving 10 Million ROM Tonnes for the year. Learn more. The Grosvenor project, which was approved for development at the end of 2011, has delivered its first coal from its underground longwall seven months ahead of schedule and more than US$100 million below budget.

Moranbah North, a metallurgical coal mine situated in Australia’s Bowen Basin, is an early adopter of the business process changes we are currently driving across the Group.  With operational issues adversely impacting longwall cutting hours and, consequently, production, management implemented a number of processes to address underperformance. Learn more.  Well planned work is significantly more productive than unplanned work, coordinate work across site with Fewzion and improve production.

“In relation to the 10MT production record at Grasstree in 2015, Fewzion has played it’s part by ensuring one structured plan on site and as such one version of the truth. ” Glen Britton, Head of Underground Coal Operations, Anglo AmericanWaste is the enemy of operations but it is hard to remove across multiple processes, people and equipment on a constantly changing site.  With Fewzion you can be confident you are doing the right work at the right time with right equipment and just the right number of people. Our clients conservatively estimate reductions in labour costs of over $120,000 per month through reduced overtime and contractors.

"Fewzion takes planning down to the detail level for the supervisor and it's completely different to anything that exists in the mining or construction industry, so it's going to be completely disruptive"“The implementation of Fewzion in September 2014, its...

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