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Entry Management System provides custom security solutions.

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It is one thing to say you need to replace a logbook and pen with a Visitor Management package running on a PC.   It is far more likely that you need to guarantee consistent policy conformance when it comes to registering visitors to your facilities.   With EyeOnEntry software, all of your policy requirements can now be digitally viewed and accepted by registering visitors.   Meet your required safety, insurance, legal and Homeland Security regulations using EyeOnEntry.

  With the EyeOnEntry unique PolicyEngine you get more than just a Visitor Management package, you get an Entry Management Solution. You currently provide a separate printed procedure manual for operations and security personnel to follow when any number of events or scenarios occurs.   With the Entry Management Suite PolicyEngine you will move the printed manual directly into desktop and portable computing environments.   PolicyEngine automatically navigates the corporate policy decision ladder asking personnel for input as needed and suggesting step-by-step actions that need to be followed.

The benefits of deploying PolicyEngine are improved efficiency, fewer errors in procedure and lower liability insurance premiums because the expert risk management system is part and parcel of your Entry Management Solution. Deliver a clean crisp image of your company to every visitor with EyeOnEntry badge designs.   Take advantage of any industry standard printer using an environmentally friendly, no waste, color badging solution from EyeOnEntry. EyeOnEntry provides award winning Internet delivered and managed support and service.

  We also deliver to you one of the...

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